WE’RE BACK! (We assume you’re cheering now. And that you had noticed it was longer than normal between posts.)

Wendy had oral surgery and we figured you didn’t want to read a review of Snack Pack or Panera broccoli cheddar soup, so we took a little break while she was on the mend.

We decided it was fo’ sho’ time to check out Pho-Shi, a self-proclaimed Asian Fusion restaurant that took over the location formerly housing Bangkok. The restaurant was not crowded on a Saturday night, with only a handful of other diners. The menu was vast, with a variety of sushi and maki rolls, teriyaki dishes, Thai offerings, pho, several kinds of noodle dishes, and on and on.

Gyoza appetizer

Gyoza appetizer

We started the meal with an appetizer of Gyoza, pan-fried Japanese dumplings served with homemade yoza sauce (6 pieces, $4.99). You have your choice of vegetable or chicken, and we selected chicken after asking our server which she preferred.

Wendy: The dumplings were a peculiar combination of being nondescript, yet tasty.

Beth: Very similar to Chinese “Pot Stickers.” Maybe they’re the same thing? I’m not super-savvy when it comes to Asian fusion. I liked them, none the less.

Service was problematic during our visit. One woman was covering the entire dining room, but as previously mentioned there weren’t many other diners – never more than four tables. Nevertheless, she seemed to be having a difficult time managing things. When our appetizer came she said she would bring us small plates so we could eat off something other than the serving dish, but she did not. Eventually we flagged her down to remind her of them, and there was no flash of recognition that she had forgotten, but the plates finally made it to the table. When our entrees arrived, she did not clear away the plates or serving dish, even after we stacked them and moved them to the side of the table.


Yaki Soba

Wendy: For my entrée I had the Yaki Soba, which is stir fried Soba noodles, egg, onion, carrot, and bean sprout in homemade teriyaki sauce ($10.99, choice of beef, chicken, or shrimp). I opted for chicken in mine. Once again, there were some oddities when the server brought our food. She set the dishes on the table but seemed to be questioning if mine in particular was what I had ordered. She consulted her order pad and walked off to the kitchen, and came back a while later (after we’d already dug in) to confirm that yes, we had, in fact, gotten what we wanted. Very strange. But my food was yummy, regardless of whether or not it was what I had ordered. And heaping. You could easily get two meals out of the serving, although I went to town on mine.

Pho-Shi pan fried noodle

Pho-Shi pan fried noodle

Beth: I started out thinking I might have a maki roll. Then, I considered Thai. Finally I landed on Pho-Shi pan fried noodle with chicken. It’s a pan-fried thin pasta dish with broccoli, cabbage, carrot, green onion in house sauce. It didn’t have a little red chili pepper next to it, so I assumed it was not hot. The waitress said, “spicy?” I asked her for a range and she said, “one to four,” so I chose two. I have a high tolerance for spice and I really can’t imagine four. I probably would have needed Wendy to drive me over to the St. Joe burn unit. It was tasty, but I did feel that I couldn’t really discern the flavor because of the heat.

The verdict:

Wendy: I will say, this was not Asian fusion, it was Asian confusion. Fusion is a blending of cuisines, not a menu with lots of different crap from different countries. (And by “crap” I of course mean delicious Asian foods.) But I would definitely go back, and next time I think I’ll try Thai to see how it measures up. So I’m not sure what my rating is…something like, “You worried me at ‘Frankly my dear, I forgot the plates,’ but hello!” Pho-Shi and I are both a little confused, but friendly and tasty?

Beth: I agree with Wendy on the rating. I would like to go back and try something else, not hot, to see how it stacks up to other Asian restaurants in the Fort.


Asian Fusion Restaurant
6735 W Jefferson Blvd
Fort Wayne, IN 46804
(260) 387-7526

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