’07 Pub

We’re baaa-ack!

Since one of us (Wendy) lives in the 46807, one of us (Wendy) has been eagerly watching and waiting for the opening of the ’07 Pub, near one of our (Wendy’s) homes. This is not to suggest that Beth, a recent immigrant from “Canada” (north of Dupont) hasn’t shared in the excitement. Unfortunately, a lot of people have been anticipating its arrival, and the first time we tried to check it out, we were completely shut out — and on a Tuesday, no less! (Trivia night, it seems.)

The first time we tried to go, it was a seat-yourself free-for-all — not the most customer-friendly set up for a joint filled to capacity. Since then, they’ve adopted a please-wait-to-be-seated policy, which should eliminate the potential for battles over open tables (The Hangry Games?).

Our second attempt was on a Sunday evening and while not full, it was far from deserted. We sat in the back booth, and it was a bit on the dark side, but the atmosphere is generally that of a comfortable neighborhood watering hole — kind of what they seem to be going for, so good job.

We were both feeling the call of the ’07 Pub Burger (1/3 lb. Angus, sautéed onions, mushrooms, bacon, beer cheese, onion ring, lettuce, tomato, $10). Since we have a general rule (mostly) not to order the same thing, we decided to split it (with a side of fries) and also the Southwest Chicken Wrap (fajita grilled chicken, sautéed onions, bell peppers, Roma tomatoes, black beans, cheddar, jack cheese, lettuce, southwest ranch dressing, salsa, $9) (with a side of onion rings, +$2 for upgraded side).

The Wrap


Southwest Chicken Wrap and onion rings

Wendy: I feel bad for the wrap because we both wanted the burger, so it was definitely the runner-up. But I found it a decent version of a type of sandwich I would eat lots of places — I like southwest chicken things. The chicken was flavorful without being spicy (regular readers know I’m a wuss). Nothing knocked my socks off about it, but I liked it fine. And the onion rings — hello! I’m not usually a big onion ring eater — one or two will hold me. I thought these were a mighty tasty specimen of rings. They had yummy beer batter, and they weren’t overly greasy, and you could actually bite through them and not have all the onion slide out (if you eat onion rings, you know what I mean). And the southwest ranch that came with the wrap made a good dipping sauce for the onion rings.

Beth: I’m a burger person, and I don’t get to eat a lot of burger/fry combos because, well, diabetes. When Wendy and I venture out, I give myself a bit of a break and order things I like. Splitting these dishes was a good option and I liked everything. Bar foods are some of my favorites because they don’t try to be things that they’re not. The Wrap was very good. The onion rings, which aren’t a personal favorite of mine, were also quite tasty.

The Burger

Beth: I know that until recently, the 46807 zip code has suffered from a lack of worthy places, so I was looking forward to giving ’07 a shot. I actually had a burger the night before at a “fancier” establishment, but I just can’t turn a good burger down. And, it was a good burger. See Wendy’s comment below for an accurate description of said burger.


’07 Pub Burger

Wendy: Mmm, burgerrrrr….mmmm. Uh, yeah, I liked it. Often I think there’s too much crap on things these days, but nope, I liked all the things. Bacon was crispy, there wasn’t too much of any one thing so it  didn’t become a huge mess, everything tasted great, and the bun held up, which is always a nice surprise. I’ve already been back to have it again. The fries…meh. They were totally ordinary, nothing special at all (Beth here — agree about the fries. I mean, they were fine fries, but nothing super).

Service was a little sketchy the night we were there. The server didn’t know what beers they did and didn’t have when Beth was ordering, and once our food came she never came back to check on us or refill beverages. Hopefully, that was just an off-night/new restaurant glitch. Parking is also a bit of a pickle, in that they don’t have any – maybe. There are a few spaces on the north side of the building that might be theirs to use – we should have asked, oops. There’s street parking not far away.

The verdict:

Wendy: “You had me at ‘hello.’” Neighborhood pub in my neighborhood? I’m there. I wish them continued success. And I look forward to trying the pizza, which I’ve also heard is delicious.

Beth: I second Wendy’s “You had me at ‘hello.’” Since I moved to the downtown area, I will have more opportunities to visit this fun addition to Wendy’s neck of the woods.

’07 Pub
3516 Broadway
Fort Wayne, IN 46807
(260) 456-6807


2 thoughts on “’07 Pub

  1. Laura says:

    My 1st try of the ’07 tonight – try the pizza! You will love it! We had the “everything” pizza – it was absolutely delicious!! Thin crust – with just enough oomph to it – held up very well with “everything” on it – that’s impressive. Very tasty, could taste the individual flavors of all veggies & meats. Would give the Toscani pizza crust a run for it’s money … if Toscani were still open. Lots of craft beer choices, always s huge plus!!! Bavarian pretzel appetizer is very tasty, filling. Overall, a great 1st night here – definitely will be visiting again soon!

    Liked by 1 person

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